Website design and digital communications

We provide a value‑added online service, creating solutions and delivering targeted and relevant communications to enhance the digital experience and reputation of a business.

These offerings range from traditional e‑mail services to robust interactive websites with UX, strategy, design and analytics.

Every project starts with research into best practice and current trends, followed by a consultative process looking at the needs and outputs of the project. Who is the audience you wish to capture? How do you wish to inform each visitor? What are your functionality requirements? Only then do we create a plan, brainstorm ideas, design, develop, test, go‑live, manage and maintain.

Consult and plan

Due to the individual needs of the local corporate and digital markets, by consulting and planning WITH the client, Element is able to create bespoke websites to suit each and every client’s needs.

Planning is where we spend the time. The user experience, interface and responsive paths all get planned with content in mind, thereby minimising rebuilding of sites and maximising results.


While much of the content can be is repurposed from existing sources (current website, integrated report etc) we do have affiliations with specialist content providers and editing teams to deliver a perfectly‑crafted, integrated result.

Design and develop

While design is crucial in advancing and maintaining a business’ reputation, it should be the silent ambassador for the brand. It should integrate seamlessly over the site without drawing attention to itself, enhancing the client’s strategy and purpose and communicating in an effective and streamlined manner.

All our websites are built in accordance with internationally accepted web standards. This ensures that our websites are platform and browser‑independent and are presented in a consistent manner regardless of the computer or internet browser being used to access the sites.

Manage and maintain

At Element we know our clients are busy enough with their “day jobs”. When the site is live we then formulate a plan to show how the site will evolve and how it can be updated to meet the client’s media, compliance and communication needs.

Responsive design and mobile web apps

Mobile penetration has advanced to the point where when planning a new website or upgrading your current website, creating an online mobile strategy is now a priority. Using responsive design, allows the layout of your website to transform and adjust specifically for the user’s screen. So, instead of having a website, a mobile site, a tablet site, you have one website that adjusts for all users.

Conventional apps built for smart phones and tablets and made available for the iStore for Apple devices and the Play store for Android devices requires ongoing support and upgrades to keep pace with these ever changing systems. This results in a costly ongoing upgrade cycle. Web Apps are a once off build that can be run everywhere regardless of the device and operating system.