Integrated reporting

Although we have lived with, and sometimes pioneered, the concept of online integrated reporting in South Africa, the thought process and approach are continuously evolving.
Current emphasis is on what to print and what to put online.

With the vast majority of investors using websites as part of their research process, it is critical that companies understand their behavior and actions. Monitoring how your audience interacts with your content, can give a company a better sense of what aspect of that content is most valuable.

Be it a full HTML conversion of a printed integrated report, summarised report with supplementary information online, message from a CEO or campaign site, online newsletter or intranet, Element assists in communicating the message to all stakeholders thereby transmitting a coherent message across all platforms.

Integrated reports

Element has sixteen years experience in online reporting. We pride ourselves on a quick conversion time and quality product with no extra checking hassles for the client. Content needs to be honed for the online experience, which can lead to the message being compromised. By planning ahead the content can be built for the medium, thereby maximising the online communication. In this way we help clients share their vision and results with clarity, creativity and impact.

Sustainability reports

Thanks to the changing nature of compliance and how companies are able to disseminate information to key stakeholders, sustainability reports are being designed with online delivery only in mind. We guide our clients through the process and balance complex information and intuitive functionality with compelling creative that conveys a company’s approach, accomplishments and aspirations.

Supplementary information

The immediacy of the medium allows us to create a variety of supplementary reports online (governance, BEE, transformation) so that they combine with the current integrated report to provide a holistic and detailed view of the company. This meets the expectations of today’s audience who rely on current and credible information.

Year-end and interim results announcements

The team at Element is fully aware of confidentiality when dealing with results and announcements from the JSE or any global stock exchange. We have, therefore, created a tried and tested protocol for dealing with these kinds of projects. Taking into consideration the differing needs of each client we take great care in meeting any requirements. By using our tried and tested method we are able to convert results overnight or on the day so that the HTML version is live directly after the SENS announcement.

We will also update the website on the morning of the release to coincide with the publication on SENS and add any press material as well any presentation or live feed information later in the day.

Emailers and alerts

Element runs its own in house bulk mailing and website registration system. This fully automated system is used to manage website registrations and the sending of e-mail alerts and online newsletters. By using subscribe and unsubscribe forms on your website your subscriber database is always up-to date. This system ensures that everybody on your contact list has opted in to receive e-mails from your company and you are spamming or delivering unsolicited e-mails.